Wednesday, 15 February 2017

8 years in second life and always as much fun !

On January 23rd this was my eighth rezzday but as this one fell on a Monday I organized a party the following Saturday. It was, as last year, a beautiful party, and many of my friends responded to the invitation I had sent them. Cupric, who is also the founder of Radio Mosaïc was the DJ during the first part of the evening and then passed the relay to Ducky. The theme of the competition was "The best in blue and yellow". In the end it was Elror who came first in the contest followed by Sinthoras and finally Louie and Mkalwho came third (ex aequo). Thank you to Mkal, Lord of Mkalvania who accepted that the party takes place in Mkalvania, also to Nicobear and Subboy who made some pics and snapshots you can see below.

Thank you again to all of you who were present for affectionate testimonials and gifts. Your presence alone is the best gift and the most beautiful testimony of this friendship that unites us.
And I can not finish this post without forgetting to mention the link that will give you access to Radio Mosaïc created by Cupric. Listen to it is to adopt it ! 

8 years !!!

Nicobear and me

Oli and Yanneck
Ducky who was DJ in the second part of the party

Lord Mkal

Elror dressed in clown and winner of the contest !

Missy and Subboy
Cupric, who was DJ in first part of the party and Nicobear behind him

The minions : Timy and Sinthoras !

Me a bit more lightly dressed bud always in the dresscode theme : Yellow and blue !

Me and Subboy at the end of the party...

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 !!!

Here we are ! 2017 is come, so let's hope that new year will bring us less bombs, less terrorism and more peace and love in the real world.

My friends, I wish you all an Happy New Year and lot of fun, joy, love, adventure and much more in that Second Life world !

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Back to North Pole !

Here I am back after a few days of absence. As every year I took the Artic Express to the North Pole. Santa needed help preparing his toy distribution tour.

Now on the way to 2017 !!!

Back from North Pole !

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Paris, 13/11/2015 - 13/11/2016, we do not forget ...

We all have today a thought for all those young and old, french or foreign, catholics, muslims, jews or atheists who died, a november evening when they had gone to laugh, share a moment with family or friends, to live... simply !

A year later we do not forget them, I do not forget them. So today, I imagined that I was tagging this wall to pay homage to them...
To not forget...

Then I imagined that I put myself on the piano and that I began to play and sing this beautiful song by Damien SAEZ ; (

Ils étaient des sourires, ils étaient des sanglots
Ils étaient de ces rires que font les chants d’oiseaux
Ils étaient des matins quand on va bord de mer
Ils étaient cœur chagrin, ils étaient cœur lumière
Ils étaient des poèmes, Ils étaient des oiseaux
Ils étaient des je t’aime qu’on dit bord du ruisseau
Ils étaient du café, ils étaient du bistrot
Ils étaient étrangers, ils étaient sans drapeau

Ils étaient de Paris, ils étaient de province
Ils étaient cœurs de pluie qui font cœurs qui grincent
Ils étaient pleins de vie, avaient l’œil du printemps
Ils étaient cœurs qui rient quand le ciel est pleurant
Ils étaient des promesses, ils étaient devenir
Ils étaient bien trop jeunes oui pour devoir partir
Ils étaient fils d’Orient ou fils de l’Occident
Enfants du paradis, enfants du Bataclan

Ils étaient cœur français ou international
Ils étaient la rosée qui pleure de sous le châle
Ils étaient des promesses, ils étaient des bourgeons
Qui font monter tristesse, ils étaient des chansons
Ils étaient des familles, ils étaient des amis
Ils étaient ce qui brille dans le ciel de la nuit
Ils étaient amoureux ceux qui se sont blottis
L’un contre l’autre à deux, contre la tyrannie

Ils étaient comme toi, ils étaient comme moi
Ils n’étaient pas guerriers mais sont morts au combat
Ils étaient cœur d’amour, ils étaient cœur qui bat
Puis qui battra toujours même en-dessous la croix
Ils étaient ces amis que je connaissais pas
Ils étaient mon pays et puis le tien je crois
Ils resteront Paris, Paris se souviendra
Toujours de ces amis la lumière brillera

Ils s’appelaient je t’aime, ils s’appelaient jeunesse
Ils s’appelaient poème, ils s’appelaient tendresse
Ils s’appelaient frangine, ils s’appelaient frangin
Ils s’appelaient gamine, ils s’appelaient gamin
Ils s’appelaient la joie et puis la non violence
Ils s’appelaient je crois les enfants de la France
De tout les horizons puis de tous les prénoms
Ils s’appelaient amour, s’appelaient l’horizon

Ils s’appelaient Jacques Brel puis je crois Barbara
Ils s’appelaient le ciel, ils s’appelaient pourquoi
Toujours ici sommeil l’horreur au creux du bois
Qui rejoint l’éternel va l’innocent je crois
Ils étaient poing levé, ils étaient nos concerts
Ils étaient cœurs serrés oui face aux tortionnaires
Ils étaient cœur d’œillets, des fleurs face au fusil
À nos cœurs endeuillés nous pleurons nos amis

À l’innocent qu’on tue, oui, tombé sous les balles
Au soldat inconnu sous l’horreur des mitrailles
Si sont les lettres mortes, les cantiques du chagrin
Puisque frappe à la porte les plaines de Verdun
Si sont tombés ce soir, en ce vendredi noir,
Les frères de mon pays, nous laissant désespoir
Mon pays ta culture est morte, assassinée
Mais tu sais ma culture non ne mourra jamais

Toi mon pays Molière, toi mon pays Vinci,
Toi mon pays Voltaire, toi mon pays Valmy
Toi mon pays la Terre, toi mon pays Paris,
Toi mon pays par terre, relève-toi mon pays
Toi mon pays lumière, toi mon pays la vie
Mon pays littéraire, mon pays triste vie
Toi mon pays mes frères, toi frère de mon pays
Comme on chérit sa mère, on chérit sa patrie

"Ils peuvent assassiner nos corps mais pas nos âmes
Le souffle du néant n’éteindra pas la flamme..."
"They can murder our bodies but not our souls,  
The breath of nothingness will not extinguish the flame..."
- Damien Saez

(Here is also a link for a song by Damien Saez in tribute to Charlie Hebdo victims : Tous Les Gamins  Du Monde)

Friday, 11 November 2016

The Swedish Coast Guards in training...

Every Tuesday we usually meet at our base for trainings. These can be of different types. They may include aerial training, maritime patrols, firefighting exercises or even parachute jumps. We never get bored and these exercises always take place in a good atmosphere.

Here are some pictures taken during one of our last training sessions.

The training has just begun ; I just left the base...

We can see in front Tristan's boat that I have to follow in an agreed distance...

We meet for a short stop at the gathering point we had been given...

On board his helicopter D-139, Sven, the boss observes and ensures the smooth running of operations...

After each training, we usually meet at the officers' mess to debrief by sharing a good beer ... But this time I had proposed that we find ourselves at home...

Sven seems exhausted by this training or is it the whiskey ?

If you are interested in breathing in the lungs sea air iodine or if it is the rise of adrenaline due to altitude that tempts you, join us ! Adventures and good atmosphere guaranteed !

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Vordun, a must-see place !

If you like culture, museums, painting exhibitions, I invite you to discover "The Vordun". It is an extraordinary museum with an exhibition currently called "the european masters - 300 years of painting". When you enter the museum you get an audioguide as in RL that gives you the comments of each painting. Be sure to not miss that and to go check it out this weekend !

Here is the TP-taxi to The Vordun : Decor/154/108/26

The Vordun ? A must-see place  !

My close friend Gabe and me enjoying the paintings...

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Yeeeaaah! A new Madpea game!!!

For the end of that summer, the Madpea games staff had the good idea to propose a new game. No doubt that this new game wich is titled "The Lost Treasure of The Inca Warrior" will fill many of us! Here is the story :

"Ancient Incan stories whisper of a hidden cave in the remote mountains of Ecuador, where a vault lay sheltered from the light of day, untouched for centuries. According to legend, the vault is filled with precious gems and unimaginable treasures that are ripe for the taking. Previous explorers have left a map that leads to the place the locals call “The Devil’s Cave” Scribbled on the back of the map are notes citing encounters with horrific creatures and deadly traps that guard the cave. Many who have tried to find the treasure returned with terrible injuries, missing limbs, and some never returned at all. However, not everyone is so unfortunate, and that is why we’re offering you the chance of a lifetime.
MadPea Cartographers have deciphered the cryptic treasure map for you. This will not be an easy task, but if you survive and unlock the ancient Incan vault, you will be generously rewarded. Ready for a Treasure Hunt of a lifetime!?
If you’re feeling adventurous, pack your bags and journey to The Devil’s Cave!


Me? Of course! 

As you can imagine, I could not remain indifferent to this call for new adventures in which I will have to deal with hostile creatures and to be wary of traps of all kinds.
So without hesitation I prepare everything I need and I am off to new adventures!

The elders say that few explorers returned alive; the curse is still there! I must be very careful!